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Sweetbird Flavoured Amaretto Syrup

Sweetbird Amaretto Flavoured Coffee Syrup


Sweetbird Amaretto Coffee Syrup is the perfect accompaniment for your drink and can be added to coffees for a subtle amaretto taste. Classic amaretto flavour is extracted from crushed almonds, peaches, cherries and other natural ingredients. Great tasting amaretto syrup is a must have for every coffee lover.

  • 1 Litre Coffee Flavouring Syrup
  • No artificial colours or preservatives
  • Free from High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • GMO free
  • Vegetarian Society Approved
  • Approved for Vegan Diets by Viva
  • Recyclable Plastic Bottle

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Product Description

Sweetbird syrups are great for adding flavour and sweetness to a whole host of drinks without the need for GMOs or artificial colourings. Enjoy the classic, almond-like flavour with the extra richness of a liqueur.
Amaretto flavoured syrup is great for use in coffee, chocolate, milk (hot or cold), smoothie, fruit juice, soda, cocktails, white spirits!

Coffee Recipes with Amaretto Syrup

Amaretto Espresso

  • double espresso
  • 1 pump of Sweetbird amaretto syrup
  • steamed milk

Add a pump of amaretto syrup to the cup and pull the double shot of espresso. Mix briefly so as not to disturb the crema and serve.

Top tip! Try adding a spoonful of steamed milk for a macchiato or a dollop of whipped cream.

Amaretto Americano

  • double shot of espresso
  • 2 pumps of Sweetbird amaretto syrup
  • boiling water

Add amaretto syrup to the cup, top up to 3/4 with hot water then add the freshly pulled espresso.

Amaretto Latte

  • double espresso
  • 2 pumps of Sweetbird amaretto syrup
  • steamed milk

Pull a double shot of espresso to your cup, add 2 pumps of amaretto syrup and top up with steamed milk.

Top tip! Caramel, Vanilla and Hazelnut are classic partners for coffee, so start with these. You could also try Amaretto, Butterscotch or Gingerbread for something a little bit different.

Amaretto Cappuccino

  • double shot of espresso
  • 2 pumps of Sweetbird amaretto syrup
  • foamed milk

Add amaretto syrup to the freshly pulled double shot of espresso and top with foamed milk.


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