Caffè Impresso capsules

Caffè Impresso™ is a distinctive brand. It’s reputation for quality is built both on the company’s pioneering launch of Nespresso® compatible capsules in 2010, and it’s CEO’s experience in all aspects of luxury coffee worldwide.

Caffè Impresso™ is not a discounter like many of competitors: Caffè Impresso™ create premium, luxury, distinctive and unique espresso blend capsules, and as well as online sale, Caffè Impresso™ pods are available in places Nespresso® capsules have never been available before. If Caffè Impresso™ is not there yet, it will soon be found on the shelves of a premium retailer round the corner from you.

Just as Ferrari does for sports cars, Mont Blanc for the art of fine writing, and Prada for great fashion, Caffè Impresso™ stands for luxury quality coffee. Caffè Impresso™ has encapsulated the art of the Barista so you can make the best, most consistent and unique espresso beverages you’ve ever tasted. And your guests will recognize and appreciate your discerning standards.

The Italians’ interpretation of the word ‘Impresso’ is “a positive reminiscence imprinted and fondly remembered in ones heart since childhood”. A perfect match for our customers’ feelings about our distinctive coffee blends.

Ferrari®, Mont Blanc® and Prada® are registered trademarks of their respective owners and have no association with Caffe Impresso®


Caffè Impresso

Caffè Impresso is establishing it’s place in coffee’s history!

Arabica coffee has been transplanted around the globe, from one soil type and climate to the next, each time taking on new taste characteristics. Caffè Impresso’s ‘encapsulated’ time-line history of Arabica coffee below explains where the most important dates fit into the big coffee picture.

c 1360 Khaled the goatherd discovers coffee beneath a Baobob tree in Ethiopia after noticing what his hyperactive goats had been nibbling on.
c 1360 Travelling Trappist monk transports energising coffee cherries to Yemen monastery.
c 1365 Once transplanted coffee seeds yield crop, Monks spread word throughout Arabian peninsula and coffee’s magical powers spread in popularity.
1400’s Explorers manage to bring ‘protected’ coffee back to Europe, and French Emperor Louis X1V becomes a huge fan.
c 1430 – 1590 European explorers transplant coffee to Indonesia and Asia as they discover and develop new lands.
c 1460 Pope ‘saves’ coffee by blessing it, despite lobbying against the ‘barbarians black liquid’ by most of Europe’s Roman Catholics.
1600 – 1700 Westerly expeditions across the Atlantic bring coffee to the Caribbean islands and Central America.
1700’s Coffee plantations spread through Central to South America.
1750 Brazil becomes huge producer of coffee on its fertile high plains, with climate ideal for the crop.
1790’s Arabica coffee transplanted from Brazil back to Kenya, bringing Arabica virtually around the world over 600 years.
1906 Italians invent espresso machine, and the now famous beverage.
1986 Nespresso invents its espresso capsule system in Switzerland.
2010 ECC founded
2012 Caffè Impresso brand launched around the world – premium coffee begins its second circumnavigation of the globe !
2013 Caffè Impresso‘s Milano, Forza Roma and Indiano blends wowed judges in Great Taste 2013 by being awarded gold star awards in the world’s largest and most rigorous food awards scheme!



Great espresso is defined by its golden crema, the thick layer of tiny oil coated air bubbles that tops a perfectly extracted espresso. The crema is only created when carefully considered coffee blends, the right extraction pressure and temperature, and a perfect fine grind of freshly packed beans are all perfectly aligned. Does that sound engineered? It is!

The attributes of the perfect espresso have historically only been attainable by trained Barista’s*, capable of making almost hourly adjustments to their commercial espresso machine and grinder. But Caffè Impresso™ coffees extracted through today’s precision engineered home machines, encapsulate all this to make it easy for you. Yet our art is in every cup.

Caffè Impresso™ capsules are tidy too! They’re easy to insert, and eject with the lift of a lever, cleaning up after themselves automatically. No fuss, no mess.

Caffè Impresso™ offers eight blends in homage to Nespresso’s® most popular grands crus. And a growing choice of luxury blends sourced from the finest, rarest most unique coffees in the world. Check our Limited Editions and Special Editions pages, as well as the Impresso Natura™ listing in the online shop for the latest luxury espresso and combination blends.

* Barista: The Italian title of a fully trained and certified specialist coffee bar tender