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Senseo Coffee Pods by Cafe Rene - Brazil
Senseo Coffee Pods - Cafe Rene Coffee PadsSenseo Coffee Pods - Cafe Rene Coffee PadsSenseo Coffee Pods - Cafe Rene Coffee Pads

Senseo Compatible Pods by Cafè Renè:
Brazil – 100 Coffee Pads


Enjoy the exquisite taste of this strong, aromatic full bodied coffee finished with rich crema.

  • Individually wrapped Senseo size coffee pods
  • Compatible with Philips Senseo Coffee Makers
  • Can be used in espresso machines with handle
  • Suitable for professional coffee machines
  • 7 grams of coffee in each pod

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Product Description

Cafe Rene Brazil is based on specifically selected Coffee. It was composed especially for the most demanding coffee drinkers. Café Rene Coffee Pods can be used in Senseo Coffee Machines as well, as with traditional espresso coffee makers with so called „handle”. Individually wrapped for maximum freshness, 7g of the finest coffee in each pod. Café Rene Brazil is an excellent choice for any time of the day. Exquisite silky taste together with strong aroma makes it a perfect cup for any coffee lover.

62mm Senseo pods
Use Cafè Renè Brazil Pods with your Senseo to make: Espresso, Americano, Milk Recipe

Senseo’ is the Registered Trade Mark of Sara Lee / DE N.V and any use of the term is an indication of product use and compatibility only. Cafè Renè coffee pods are not made by Senseo. These are 62mm Senseo size coffee pods that are suitable for using in all Senseo coffee makers such as a Philips Senseo or Kenwood Mokabista coffee pod machine.